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Launching Wheel Review

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Pontoon Boat Launching Wheel

EZPacker Review

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Pontoon Boat EZPacker

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River Guide Pontoon Boat


Pontoon Boat Maintenance

Water Skeeter boats are strong and durable so that you spend minimal time maintaining and maximum time fishing. If you follow these simple guidelines you will lengthen the life of your craft with little effort. Most importantly, never leave your boat sitting in direct sun out of the water. Changes in air temperature and elevation will cause the air to expand in the pontoons and burst. Always release some air when these conditions cause expansion. Sharp objects or hot surfaces will damage the PVC material. Stay clear of barb wire, sharp rocks and limit the time you drag the boat on the ground as this will cause the material to heat up and wear down. Over 90% of the wear and tear on these inflatable crafts occurs off the water. When transporting your boat in a vehicle, be sure you tie it down with good strong straps (nylon cam straps work better than rope) so that it does not shift when traveling. Again, if you will be changing elevations and or temperature changes, adjust the air pressure. Cleaning your craft is important. Not only to preserve the  boat but also to eliminate the possibility of transferring diseased such as whirling disease. Wash your boat with warm water and soap. Do not use harsh cleaners or abrasive cleaning tools. Be sure the boat is then completely dry before you store it. You can store the boat either inflated or deflated. Keep it under cover and out of sunlight. If you deflate it, roll the pontoons so that there are no creases or lay them flat. Do not put other objects on top of them. Be aware of mice and rats, they will build nests and destroy your boat.

Pontoon Boat User Guidelines

The most important part of any kind of float fishing in a personal watercraft is the angler. It is extremely important to recognize the limits of your ability and those of your equipment. Just because the craft you are using is recommended for river use that doesn't mean you can jump right in the middle of your favorite trout stream the first time out. It takes some time to be comfortable and efficient in maneuvering a PWC. Learning how to read water and avoid trouble is something that is learned just like learning how to drive a car. Start on still water and gradually progress to moving water as your ability increases. The stripping aprons that are provided with all of our boats are intended to be used in still calm water and not at times when you might need to get out of the boat in a hurry. Always wear an approved life vest when using a PWC; it is the law in most states.

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